Frequently Asked Questions

Wood is a live medium.  As such it responds to our home environment with high and low humidity.  Like our skin, wood appreciates oil to restore its natural balance with wear and touch and room conditions.  We reccommend oiling your furniture with a high quality furniture oil once a year in the beginning and less often over time.  You will notice that oiling will hydrate your furniture and restore the wood's natural beauty of color and grain, while deepening the patina that occurs with age.

We suggest using Sunnyside Linseed Oil (unboiled).  It is available through online retailers

We believe in harvesting wood in a responsible manner to preserve forests for future generations. Our sources of wood come from state and federal lands managed for long term growth and sustainable harvesting practices.  

This is a part of the Vermonter mindset going back generations. It includes a deep respect for the land and trees that makes this state so unique in our country. We have worked with hardwood brokers and sawmills for decades, establishing close working relationships with those intimately involved in forest management and sustainability.

The base finish in all our furniture is a non-toxic, zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) Danish oil based on the carriage oils of the 1800’s. It is a linseed oil based finish. We augment higher wear surfaces with polyurethane oil that cures completely before leaving our shop.

We have worked with many customers who have chemical sensitivities.  They have found our furniture and finish to be compatible with their specific environmental needs.


If the drawers in your furniture become over weighted, or out of adjustment from transport, you can adjust the drawer slides in every direction.

To raise the drawer face upwards: Pull the drawer outwards and find the dark grey tabs on the front locking devices, located underneath the drawer face on either side, and move them towards the back of the case piece, thereby raising the drawer slightly. they can be moved independently.

To move the drawer left or right: Locate the roller wheels on the same drawer locking devices behind the drawer face. Roll them in the same direction to move left, oposite direction to move right.

To tilt the back of the drawer up or down to make the drawer face sit more evenly in the opening: Release the drawer from the drawer slides by pulling both spring loaded hand grips on the front locking devices outwards toward the side of the drawer, then slide the drawer away from the slides. At the back of each slide is a rotating dial that will raise or lower the drawer on that side by moving the dial tab left or right. When replacing the drawer, pull the drawer slide towards the drawer face until the slide locks into the locking device on both sides.

Side to side back of drawer adjustment: While the drawer is removed from the slides, locate the white dial on the back of the right slide. With a small slotted screwdriver, rotate the dial left or right to move the back of the drawer sideways either direction.

1)The heavy cast metal hangers are mortised into the side rail and bed post. 

Rail and Bed Assembly
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2)The side rail drops into the bed postand locks into place. No tools required.

Rail and Post Assembly 4
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3) Fit slat over peg on slat support. Repeat with all slats.


Slat Assembly 2
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Slat Assembly 4
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Slat Support 6
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